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Make Sure That Window Washing Delivers Exceptional Results Sometimes we can take the fact that we live in the modern world for granted. It is an age of technological wonder. However, we also tend to forget the little things that make modern life so convenient and comfortable. Take for example the sheets of glass that are part and parcel of modern buildings – or even the windows of our own homes. These windows to the world allow light to stream into the home and allow us a glimpse of what is happening outside of the four walls of our homes. Although the Romans used glass in their windows it was nowhere near as clear as that which we now enjoy – and for many years those in the Western World had to make do with oiled cloth or thin sheets of horn to allow sunlight to enter their dwellings. However, even the crystal clear glass that is a feature of our modern lives requires maintenance so that we can enjoy its many advantages. Window washing is something that most of us will be faced with on a regular basis – but how do we get the best results from the exercise? Visit this website to find out the best way for it. For best results window washing should take place on a dry and cloudy day. Too much sunlight will dry the combination of detergent and water too quickly, leaving hard to remove streaks. The first step is to remove dust and dirt from the window to prevent a muddy end result – a vacuum attachment or a soft brush is ideal for this step. Use a spray bottle and a specialized store-bought detergent mixed with warm water and apply generously, then wipe down with an absorbent cloth. For those who want to avoid chemicals, a mixture of warm water, white vinegar and rubbing alcohol can be used. For the ultimate clean – and a hassle-free experience, a professional window cleaning company will get the job done quickly and efficiently. These companies are ideal for those homes with a large number of windows and they offer excellent value for money.