My Ragdoll Cats

My Cat Holders

Every person when they go somewhere would like to take their pet with them. They all miss him the most, and they can’t wait to come home to hang out with them.

My Ragdoll Cats allows you to travel with your cat. You can choose between two carriers, with the garbage disposal, and without disposal. Both systems will do the required job, it only matters how long the cat will be in it, due to urination. If you don’t want your cat to become lonely and not make a mess around your house or apartment, you can take it in a carrier with you. Wherever you travel, it will be quiet in it because it has limited space. That’s how cats fixate and stay calm. For them, the carrier is comfortable, it can be even bigger so that she can feel comfortable in it. The extra space and freedom she feels in it, only helps her to be calmer during the trip.

My Ragdoll Cats

They contain a garbage section, where the cat defecates in the sand that you place. It can be easily washed if soiled or shaken if necessary. When it buries its urination, you will not feel it, because cats do it even when they are out of the carrier. This is how they behave in nature because they do not leave traces. you have several types of bins with and without garbage, which you can afford. We want to show you what we offer and how much they cost, so you can opt for some of them.

My Ragdoll Cats is an ideal thing for travel and a solution to not leave hair on the car. Doing their urination can be pleasant and without spreading unpleasant odors around the car.