Tree Surgeon

Who Are Tree Surgeons And What Do They Do?

Tree surgeons, also known as arborists or arboriculturists, are professionals who specialize in arboriculture – the study, cultivation, and management of individual trees, vines, shrubs, and various perennial woody plants in horticulture and dendrology.

These professionals primarily focus on the safety and health of individual trees and plants, rather than harvesting wood or managing forests (which fall in the silviculture and forestry domain.)
As such, a tree surgeon scope of work is distinct from that of loggers or foresters.

These professionals are responsible for the felling, planting, pruning, and general treatment, maintenance, and care of trees and have many responsibilities. It’s worth noting that the occupation is one of the most dangerous careers in the world.

Arborists offer a variety of services that relate to the management and care of trees in various locations, and for a variety of clients. An arborist has to be physically fit, able to work outdoors in different conditions, and proficient in handling a variety of power tools.

Tree Surgeon

What Do Arborists Do?

Arborists carry out hazard assessments and inspections to properly assess tree health and the potential danger sick or unhealthy trees pose. This part of their job helps determine how much work needs to be done, how long it will take, and, for public sites, helps determine how the public could be affected. For private sites, inspections by arborists involve discussing what the client requires, what needs to be done and providing time, disruption, and cost estimates.

Arborists are generally called to properties when branches or shrubs need pruning, trees need to be felled, fallen trees need to be moved, logs need to be split, and new trees need to be planted. These professionals spend a lot of time digging around tree roots or on trees managing/pruning branches.

What Does It Take to Be an Arborist?

An arborist should be someone with experience and training handling power tools and various dangerous equipment especially considering that most of these tools are used while the individual is suspended high up on trees. Apart from that, they need to be people with extensive knowledge of different tree species, how they grow, pruning and trimming techniques, and the warning signs of pest infestation or disease.

If you have noticed that one or two trees on your property aren’t looking as healthy as they once did, consider contacting a tree surgeon and have them come over and check them out as soon as possible.